About Our Car Financing

Motor Solutions MK has a number of affordable finance packages available for every budget. Our specialist sales team will help you create a bespoke agreement, helping you purchase your dream car.

Car financing is a fantastic way to help you purchase a vehicle that you may not necessarily be able to afford with one payment. Instead, both PCP and HP finance allows you to spread the costs across a number of affordable monthly repayments over a set hire period.

We have both Personal Contract Purchases (PCP) and Hire Purchase (HP) agreements available.

Financing Cars

PCP finance provides you with three choices once the agreement has reached the end of its term. They are to:

  • Return the Vehicle
  • Keep the Vehicle (Purchasing Fee will be Agreed)
  • Trade the Vehicle In

HP Finance is better suited to those that meet one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Eventual Ownership is Important to You
  • Your Budget is Better Suited to Fixed Repayments
  • Your Disposable Income is Likely to Decrease
  • You Prefer Low-Risk Credit Secured Against the Vehicle Only
  • You Do Not Mind Not Owning the Vehicle Until the Debt is Settled

High Approval Rate

9/10 of our customers receive an approval for our finance packages, whether that be through PCP or HP agreements.

Great Value for Money

Purchasing your dream car through finance has proven to be great value for money, so you don’t have to worry about depreciation.

Same day pick-up

Approved for car finance first thing this morning? No problem, Motor Solutions MK can have your car ready for a same day pick-up!